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What Is a Model Call and How Can You Profit From It?

I recently wanted to try something new and market model calls for lifestyle family sessions. Now, you're probably wondering where do you find families in your area. That is a great question and I am here to tell you! I began my model search by looking up specific hashtags in my area ( #ctfamilies, #ctfamilyphotography ). I reached out to a few families on instagram explaining in detail what I was offering. This can take some time, and requires a little bit of a wait for them to get back to you. Some of you might be as impatient as me, so i took another step into my search. Luckily I am in a few different local facebook groups in my area that allows businesses to post on certain days. I took advantage of this and posted about my model calls in three different facebook groups. The responses I got were definitely a little overwhelming. I got fully booked for both model call days within two hours!

Tips for Booking

We can all agree that photography is always a learning experience no matter what you're capturing. In the past, I learned that booking sessions back to back isn't a great idea. You never know if someone will be late. Learning from this experience I made sure to keep at least one hour in between all of my time slots just in case a client was running late or the session went over the scheduled time frame.


I can not say this enough, when it comes to model calls you almost always want to overbook. Now, I know saying that screams chaos but hear me out. You will get cancellations! Every model call I've done I get at least two to three cancellations for that day. Overbooking allows others to get a chance to be photographed by you.

Okay.. But How am I Profiting from a Free Session?

I understand that not everyone wants to do free work. However, in this case it is extremely beneficial for you and your business. These model calls allow you to network and meet new clients. I say this a lot but it's because i mean it.. Word of mouth is EVERYTHING! You will have clients that drive over an hour to be photographed by you and they will recommend you to their friends and family! All of the images you capture during their session you will be able to use for your social media, website and marketing to get more bookings! Remember how I mentioned that not everyone will be able to get photographed by you? There will be clients who have not gotten family photos in forever and they are willing to pay for your services. Another great way to profit from these photo sessions is offering a discount in their gallery for photo products!

I Don't Have a Online Gallery

This is where you are making your mistake. When you go out to eat everything is about presentation and it is the same thing for sending clients their galleries! You want a platform that is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I have been using Pic-Time to deliver all of my client galleries. All of my clients love how easy it is for them to download their images and order prints! Guess what? They can place the order themselves and Pic-Times lab does it for you! Less work and you're profiting! Before I send a client their gallery I made sure to add a sales automation for a 10% off discount to purchase prints with an expiration date. When there is an expiration date on a sale it drives the clients to purchase prints right away! If you're interested in a 30 day free trial with no card needed to sign up please feel free to use my referral code XZ3PX8.

If this blog post helped you please feel free to leave a like and comment! You can find me on instagram @brrianna.mariee or my facebook business page BM Captures Connections!

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