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The photography industry can be extremely predatory as much as people don't want to admit it. All around the world young women are taken advantage of and exploited by certain "photographers." I am in no way, shape or form saying that the entire industry is full of creepy photographers but theres enough people out there who are posing as photographers just to capture images of women half naked/nude. Sometimes it harder to distinguish a true photographer from a poser but there are a ton of signs to look out for.

I've noticed that "photographers" like this capture horrible images, and there work is not entirely great. There social media is full of half naked women, with no creativity and the same concepts that were used on previous women are used on the next. If you notice a photographer using the same props, lighting, and poses on multiple women please stay away because it's a red flag. However, not all creepy photographers are not bad at what they do. They can have an amazing portfolio but they act inappropriately with their clients. Before deciding to work with a photographer in your area please reach out to other photographers, and models to get their experience with that person because word of mouth is everything.

The Shoot Turns Nude

These types of photographers will lure in young females and promote creative portrait sessions but as the shoot goes on they'll slowly see what they can get away with. If you brought a few different outfits, and they begin to ask to take layers off that is a red flag. If any photographer is continuously trying to get you to take your clothes off they're simply taking advantage you.

Won't Take No For An Answer

I have met a handful of photographers who I've communicated with that I was not comfortable shooting nude. You would think if you said no the first time they asked, that it would be the end of the discussion but it's not. If they continue to try to change your mind you need to find a different photographer. Begging models to shoot nude is never okay.

They Touch You

It is never okay to touch anyone without asking permission first. As a photographer if I need to move something or fix something I always ask the model first before touching them and all of my clients will tell you that. I can't think of any situation where it is completely okay to start moving your clothes or body parts without making sure you're okay with it first.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments, thank you for reading and please stay safe!

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