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CT Documentary Birth Photographer 

The fire and strength that will move through your body as it prepares birth. The endless support of your partner as you labor, together. The miracle of new life emerging before your eyes.. priceless memories that can never be recreated. 

I am Brianna with BM Captures Connections, and I want to be by your side documenting the story of your babies first breath. I want to capture the moment where you first lock eyes, and feel their touch on your skin. 

I have learned to capture beautiful images in any condition. I have refined my ability to be present and calm for my clients during the most important moment of their lives. 

My style can be described as photojournalistic, genuine, and classically beautiful. I am a CT birth photographer who offers birth stories, maternity, breast-feeding, and lifestyle newborn sessions throughout the Eastern CT area. 

If you have any questions at all I will be happy to answer them. I believe it is important to find a birth photographer that you can relate to personally, and aesthetically. I offer in person and virtual consultations with all of my clients. My goal as your birth photographer is to make you and your partner feel relaxed, confident, and alive while working with me, and that I deliver a collection of honest, empowering images that celebrate the most important day of your life, your birth day. 


Thank you so much for being there for our special moment and capturing such beautiful photos! I love every single picture you sent over, thank you! 

Amanda Carter, CT

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